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    pinball hall of fame, las vegas, nevada

    the pbhof is genuinely my favorite place in the world

    JD, if you’re ever lost on a New Jersey beach, find your way to the Silver Ball Museum. It is hallowed ground.


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    Louisville, Ky. 

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  4. I would like to wish a very happy birthday to my dear friend and usual partner in crime, the man behind most of the ink in my skin, and one of the best guys I know! tattooedtiki! I hope this year is better then the last and I’m sorry I’m not in Denver to buy you a glass of bourbon!

  5. tattooedtiki:


    Yeah, I know.

    i like that shirt

    You would, it’s from your shop!!!


  6. Little frustrations.

    Got all brave and went out to a place I hadn’t been before to run errands. All alone- as is my current status. Loaded up my transit card with a new pass- hopped on the bus.
    Got to my destination… To discover that I have lost my transit pass along the way. New one is ordered, but in my panic I had it sent to my old address. SO.
    $30 wasted. That I didn’t really have to flush down the toilet. I’m so mad at myself right now- today was supposed to be awesome and I was doing SUCH a good job with my agoraphobia.
    Now I just want to hide.


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  8. the-altar:


    I only ever write “lol” if something is mildly amusing… If I actually laugh out loud, I write “haha”

    I have a similar etiquette. My haha is HAR.


  9. shutupaubrey:

    do you ever see a picture of someone with a body like yours and you’re momentarily comforted like they look pretty good…i probably look good too

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  11. Yeah, I know.

  12. I don’t mind what I’ve got to work with here!


  13. "Women can resist a man’s love, a man’s fame, a man’s personal appearance, and a man’s money, but they cannot resist a man’s tongue when he knows how to talk to them."

    Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White (via dahlia—noir)

    Ain’t that the truth…..

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    I thought this was going in a totally different direction, but yeah.

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