1. The original recipient of this photo told me it was perfect, but won’t tell me why they think that.
    I think my head looks funny, but my tits look pretty fantastic.
    So, here you go :)

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    Sweet Bay Area Apartment

    Viviana Agostinho shares this fun and colorful 950 sq. ft. apartment with her husband and two kitties in Mountain View, CA. - Via: 1 | 2


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    Everything you love is here

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  6. 5 things you would put on a pentagram to summon me

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    Let’s go through the list, shall we?

    • Stalking Cat was a computer programmer before he passed away earlier this year. He was Native American and trying to become closer to his totem animal. Through this, he helped pioneer all types of body¬†modification and holds several¬†Guinness¬†Book Records.
    • Erik Sprague, aka Lizard Man, was a former PhD candidate. He has a bachelor‚Äôs in philosophy and is a performance artist: both through international side shows and as a music festival host.
    • Maria Jose Cristerna aka¬†‚ÄúLa Mujer Vampiro‚Ä̬† (Vampire Woman)¬†is the mother of four children and a fuckin‚Äô lawyer. She started her transformation after getting out of an¬†abusive¬†marriage, and has talked out against domestic violence.
    • Rick Genest aka Rico The Zombie is a fucking international model, has more sponsorships than any of us could ever hope, and was featured in Lady Gaga‚Äôs Born This Way video. Not bad for a 27-year old former homeless punk, I‚Äôd say.

    reblogging for the well researched and accurate shut down, good work mate

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    *panties off already*

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    another shot of my butt from nye, apparently i’m trouble…

    Hey, that’s me!

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  10. I don’t remember if I posted these pictures from last weekend.
    I’m not even mad that I got so sick, I had such a great time


  11. Short hair, don’t care.

    Chopping it off tomorrow. Can’t frigging wait.

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    I miss feeling the way I felt walking home in weather like this.

    Freshly fallen snow does make the city look ethereal… But personally I’m in no rush for the weather shift. (But oh man, I love this city)

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    Finally! Deadpool To Hit Theaters In 2016

    Just a few hours after star Ryan Reynolds opened up about the reaction to the Deadpool leaked footage, 20th Century Fox has announced they are moving forward with the film and given it a February 12, 2016 release date, just three months before the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. Ryan Reynolds is expected to star with director Tim Miller at the helm and a script by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

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    I need this

    This is soooo cute :)))


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